How does karma affect our life?

Sue Childs

First, lets talk about what karma actually is. We have many vibrational states, unconditional love for an example, is a state of vibrational harmony between two or more entities. Karma has a polarity, positive karmic consequences are often not acknowledged. Far too often the negative side is focused on. Karma is known as a state of dissonance. It is a vibrational state that has been referred to as frozen light or reversed (negative) polarity charged energetic patterns in the auric field. These negative patterns are created by our free will choice and the consequences of those choices that are incongruent with our divinity. When we incarnate, we bring our karma from these incongruent choices from our previous life times and step into the energetic karmic patterns from conception. We start off in a new life where we left off in the last. This is the natural universal laws of physics, it is a self-correcting process. It is perfect! God or the one conscious energy is not a warden inflicting pain and fear. Our life is created by our conscious and unconscious choices. We will continue on the karmic loop of the life and death cycle, until we choose to self correct and make new choices that are congruent to our divine right order. Thus, expanding our evolutionary process bringing us inline with our souls divine blueprint. We also inherit karma from our parents and their ancestral lines. This is why we choose the parents that we have. They are a vibrational match to us at the time of conception and birth.

Fortunately, for us we can use higher frequency energy to remove low frequency energy, to remove the karmic imprints, blockages and restrictions in our holographic field. This allows us to transmute these reversed energetic patterns into the void. If we do not do this we will create disease on the physical, emotional or mental bodies, if we haven't already. Karmic imprints are the ultimate cause of death, due to the morphogenic field and DNA which has been compromised with reverse energy patterns that create low frequency of energy. This prevents us from accreting the higher frequencies of primal life force, preventing us from knowing and living our souls identity.

Karmic patterns can be removed from your akashic records, allowing you to know the energy behind what you have created and why so you can gain wisdom for it. Or removed with the use of DNA activation protocols. I like to use the combination of both.

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