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During this remote healing modality, I will scan and assess your 7 major embodied chakras and 8 metamorphic chakras with the assistance of the white brotherhood, archangels, and your higher self. This is to assess, if you have any out dated ID's, thought forms and negative beliefs. Including, open portal-ways, wormholes, auric attachments. A clearing and rebalancing of the the solidified energy will be completed on all 15 dimensions and further to source. This will ensure any attachments that are disengage from your neuro-nets of the brain, allowing you to transmute these energies on all 15 dimensions and more permanently. This is healing at the quantum level, there is no other healing that can do this at this level and time on earth. I will then ensure you are downloaded with a new frequency that you are able to hold. This will clear the way for you to make congruent choices to live your divinity so you can embody source/god energy and your higher-self. Resulting in higher grid of opportunities that will hold your new frequency, such as but not limited to, a new career, positive people and events seem to be attracted to your new frequency as long as you take the action on the physical level to maintain it.

If you are totally committed to your spiritual development, this will open the door for further clearings and phantom DNA light activations with me. As the soul needs to be primed correctly to be ready to receive the energy work. I only offer these extremely powerful clearings to clients that are committed to their souls expression this is why they are not advertised, otherwise it is a waste of your time, energy and money.

As we are all connected to all things, I do not require to this in person or over the phone. 

I find clients have the best results if a time is chosen, and they lay down undisturbed for the hour, while I take myself into theta state and complete the clearing for you. You will feel the solidified energy release as it happens. Clients have experienced laughter, tingles pressure, relief, emotional release and tears. It is all personal and right for you.

As a short time bonus, I will activate an additional specific code in your DNA and provide you with a tailored protocol for you to read. This way you can add to your daily ritual or apply it when you require spiritual assistance. We can discuss this further upon booking.