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This reading will provide you with your child's individual soul blue print. A soul profile will give you insight into their soul gifts, soul characteristics, primary life lesson. Past life eras that had influenced them in a positive way which you or they can investigate at a later stage for this current life.

These insights will allow you to understand and support your child's strengths, which will assist you to raise healthy, happy, and adapt children based on who they are at a soul level not who we mould them into, thus separating them from who they are at their divine level and creating karmic consequences. 

An energy attunement within the akashic records will be completed to resolve any negativity that has been brought into this life from their many past lives that will have a direct affect on their current incarnation.

On ordering, please provide their full name at birth, date of birth and the state/country in which they were born. This information allows me to find the correct soul.


This reading will be typed and emailed to you in PDF format for you future reference. Waiting times very on current orders, as these readings are personally downloaded by me from the akashic records and are not computer generated by a software program.