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Jehovain or J-seals were created and then implanted on the earths 7th axiatonial line by the Jehovian Annunaki race. The earth has 12 axiatonal lines in total. As humans, we share this with the earth. Every entity that is incarnated on earth will inherit these seals at birth. The seals distort our generic structure preventing our enlightenment and ability to fully merge with our already ascended soul.

The J-Seals manifest death. Therefore,they are also known as the "Death Seals" as they prevent the DNA from activating at certain ages. Ascended Master Sananda also know on earth as Jesus, had his J-seals removed and DNA activated at the correct stages of his infancy to his adulthood, allowing him to live on earth beyond his normal mortal years and embody his Christos avatar self. With commitment you too can evolve to embody your Christos avatar self.

 These seals correspond with the left side of our body, many people tend to have left sided pain, cognitive and physical disease, and are unable to unconditionally self love and unconditionally love others. I have provided an image to show where the seals are and where illness and disease manifests which mostly if not all disappears shortly after a clearing. Although, clearing has been completed on the higher dimensions, depending on the amount of damage that has been done over the years to your  physical body, you may be required to seek additional assistance and or make the necessary life changes to facilitate the physical healing.

During this clearing I will remove for you, the Zeta seals, Templar seals, Metatronic implants and crown of thorns any any other seals that are occupying your etheric body.

This can be completed either by phone or remotely, while you rest, relax and feel the process at the time of the session.