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Property and land clearings are now available to home and business owners, who would like to have their property brought into alignment with its divinity.

This clearing is essential for property owners who feel they have unwanted negative energy that is having an emotional and physical effect on them and other occupants. 

A property and land assessment is a combination of Akashic record work and very powerful sacred god codes. I like to combine the two modalities together, as the records will give a detailed assessment of what is happening on the property and or land. Such as, earth bound spirits attached, negative entities, negative thought forms, negative objects, any gateway to other realms. And how these energy signatures are affecting the ovcupents. I will clear this negativity from the Akashic records and 15 dimensionally and more  

This is also fantastic for business owners who are in the property market, as it is in the best interest to align the property to a higher vibration, which will attract a higher paying client to match your expected outcome. As affluent clients will not like the feel of the property and will walk away. You may find, properties will take longer to sell and a reduction in price will be inevitable. Have you found renters move out more often, damage the property, rent evaders and more? This is the reason. All having a higher cost to the landlord and property portfolio.

This is especially important if you have had a soul reading and clearing, as you will no longer be in alignment to the properties vibration you currently occupy.

It is advised that renters ask permission from the landlord before requesting this product, as unless there is permission given the clearing isn't always permanent and will need clearing at some point in the future. 

 Allow prosperity to flow freely within around your home.