I will you tell you about me with some insight into my akashic record. This will give you a little insight into what information you can receive about yourself, and why I feel I am the best person to facilitate your akashic record reading and DNA activations and energy clearing work.

Current life, my energetic blueprint operates in a way so it can learn from others, I see other peoples lives and see how I can either step up to better my own or see where I feel I am going right. Although I like to think I am internal, I am external, which means no hiding away being a recluse, as my soul feels unenlightened and as a consequence, I start to make incongruent choices. Choices that are against my divine nature and the subsequent consequences of those choices are not always good In the past I have been greta at manifesting abundance, then manifesting poverty, I am now on the up and up, so to speak. In the past I chose to marry a man, who I knew I should not marry, there was no love there, he possessed a narcissistic personality disorder and but did so for the sake of everyone else. That man became very abusive and destructive, and like many partners in that type of situation I too became very disillusioned with life and felt this was all I was good for, even though I knew I deserved so much more, my self worth and self esteem was at a all time low. My life of abundance was no more. My parents moved interstate to be with their other daughter and I was left alone. This was my contracts of suffering and sacrifice being grounded in the physicality. It was not pleasant to say the least, it took many years until I took physical action and worked on resolving it. It wasn't until I paid a large sum of money to have multiple auric clearings, J-seal removal and shadow self clearings completed. I then paid out extremely large sums of money to learn all that I could on DNA clearings, as I became passionate about the ability to resolve the past and allow me to get out of my own way to create a new future, one of abundance. 

furthermore, like all of us who incarnate into the Milky Way Galaxy, I came through the gate way of Lyra. This is where we all learn to integrate into different energies after divine source has created our perfect soul, this allows us to choose which dimension we would like to experience and specialise in our specific prime energy area. I choose a seventh dimensional planet known as Arcturus. Earth is a third dimensional planet. Now that Gaia and the many entities have worked tirelessly over many eons to raise her frequency back to a 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness, all her inhabitants are raising their awareness and becoming more compassionate toward each other and less intolerant of each other, as a whole we are working toward wholeness for all entities that live here. This is an opportunistic time to work on your ascension and raise your souls vibration rate before the current ascension cycles ends.

All our souls consist of a blue print of eight energy centres, our primary energy centre is our master energy centre, in which we recognise as authentic to us (No energy centre is better than another). My prime energy is divine truth and I have a secondary energy centre of divine power. Although divine truth is quite subjective in nature. I will gain the truth from your akashic records as your soul see’s it and relay the information to you as it is channeled by the akashic record beings and our beloveds. This energy centre resolves around intuition, clairvoyance, honesty, seeing people and situations as they are. As a child I was always dismissed by my mother and told I was tactless and need to sit and be quite, this behaviour of my mother at that time forced me to go against my divine nature and become very introverted. My second prime energy centre of divine power, this allows me to have the innate ability to tap into energy and use that to facilitate your souls healing. Souls with a strong energy centre of divine power are excellent at manifesting what they want or don't want :) The entrepreneurs of the world. There are eleven soul specialisations, my souls specialisation is that of the Melchizedek priesthood. Souls with this specialisation are powerful energy workers. It is very easy to manipulate energy for the betterment of human and animal kind, this is our specialty, to bring balance where it is not existing. Lord Melchizedek is keeper of the 7th ray/dimension. This is also the dimension in which Arcturus is found. Number 7 is also my life paths number and the number of divine source or God, (no I am not religious). I also identify with spending a vast amount of time on Hadar, which has me in conflict of wanting to be in a loving environment and needing to be alone, I also identify with Mintakin. These energies as a whole allows me to have compassion and be truthful, to go direct to the issue which is required to be resolved for you at this time. Bringing to light any dissonance that is preventing you from stepping into your divine nature. 

As stated previously, during this life time, I have over come many blocks and restrictions that I brought forward from past lives to resolve in this current and subsequent lives. It is an on going process from enlightenment to ascension. I have a love of knowledge, research and science and combining my years of knowledge to provide you with a quality service, while fulfilling my souls requirements. 

As an Arcturian, I have been collecting tools of the trade, my credentials include;

  • Diploma in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, 
  • Diploma in Reflexology, 
  • Certificate in Quantum Reflexology,
  • Diploma in Herbal Medicine,  
  • Diploma in Massage, 
  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing, 
  • Graduate Certificate in Health,
  • Certified DNA practitioner; including, Masters DNA Activation and Golden DNA Activation,
  • Certified Soul Realignment practitioner, Levels 1-3, Reading the future, and Manifesting Blueprint. 

Once in the Akashic records, I will tailor your reading and clearing work to your specific requirements.  As you can see I am a grounded holistic practitioner, in both the physical and metaphysical sciences.

I look forward to working with you.