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Q: What is an Akashic Record reading, and what is its purpose?

  1. This type of reading is a perspective of how your soul see’s how you are making choices in your life. The purpose is to empower you as a divine being to the choices that you had made  in past lives which were not resolved before passing, Therefore, those consequences will   result in blocks and restrictions in your current and future lives.


Q. Where does this information come from?

A. The Akashic records are located in the 5th dimensional plane. I am sometimes required to ascend tot he higher realms for other types of readings that I have available. It is retrieved with the assistance of the Akashic record beings, archangels,  ascended masters, teacher and guides. Like the blessed beings, the information I provide is logical, direct and to the point, to allow you to take new action. 


Q. What is karma? 

Q. Karma is based on the universal law of cause and effect. Where every action has a consequence of the choice. The effect of the choice will continue to be cyclic throughout current and future lives. This will present its self in different scenarios, with various people, times and events with the same energetic patterns until a new choice is made.


Q.  Is karma removed at death?

  1. No, karma is not resolved at death. Karma is resulted in choices we make that are not in alignment to our divine self expression. The energetic karmic pattern will follow you from death to rebirth, this consequently negates the family we incarnate to, including, the relationships we will encounter and become involved in. 


Q. Why is my reading negative?

A. Negativity is not bad, it just is what it is. You have made past choices that are not inline with your divinity. This creates miss-alignment of who we are. Andrrea Hess, states, “A negative choice NEGATES who we are, Vs. AFFIRMING who we are”. Each time we make a choice that has the energy signature of; Guilt, blame, obligation, shame, victimisation etcetera, you create negative consequences, resulting in karmic imprints until that energy has been changed.


Q: I am pregnant can I get a reading done for my unborn child?

A: It is not advisable to have a reading for a new born as the soul is in the transition phase. It is suggested a reading can be entered into around 12 weeks of age, as this is when the soul fully transitions into the human physical body.


Q. Can I have a reading for my child without their permission?

  1. Yes you can, as you are the guardian of the child under 18, you are responsible for not only their physical health and wellbeing, but also their spiritual wellbeing. You are required to respect their free-will and independence by asking any adult children before booking a reading.


Q: Can I order a reading for my ex-husband or a friend?

A: All persons are required to give permission to have their records accessed. A reading can be done as long as they have given permission, which I will check before the information is gathered. The reading will be presented to the ex-husband or friend. 


Q. My parent is deceased can I have a reading done for them?

A. It is suggested to wait 8 weeks after a loved one has departed, as they are busy in the afterlife and it will give them time to re-establish their connection and affiliate to there new existence in the dimensional realm justly deserved.


Q. My family member has dementia and cannot give permission for a reading, can I organise a soul re-alignment reading for them without their permission?.

A. If you are the legal guardian and or are in charge of their care, yes you can.


Q: Can you read my future for me?

A: Readings of this genre are not accurate. The reason being, as we are forever changing, making new choices with actions that change our destiny. Therefore, information given would only be one potential path, whereas, there are numerous paths based on our choices and actions. 

Q: I am religious will the Akashic Records interfere with this? and what religion is it affirmed to?

A: The Akashic records are not tied to any religion. This energy field has been around when God, source, or the creator, created souls. The records have been around long before any man made religion, and what is referred to as “Chinese whispers”, words written thousands of years after the fact. Im not sure about you, but I was never successful at that game as a child or as an adult. In saying that, many religions speak of the BIG book, the Akashic library. 



Q: Why do I have to wait so long for a reading to be completed?

A: Some readings can take longer than others, It also depends on how many people have made bookings before you. As I will only commence with a new client once I have completed the last. I believe this is only fair.


Q: Do I need to see you personally for the Reading?

A: All energy is assessable remotely, therefore I do not need to see a photo of you or see you in person, I have had many clients from all parts of this world with optimal outcomes. All readings and clearings will be completed with integrity and in truth. All I require is your full name at birth and current legal name if it has been changed, date of birth and your place of birth. 


Q: Are all blocks/restrictions, traumas and negativity from current and past lifetimes show up all in one reading?

  1. No, what will show up is what your higher-self believes you are ready to hear, so you can  acknowledged any past choices so they can be cleared in the records and retain the wisdom that has been learnt.You can then proceed to another reading to reveal more aspects of your life you would like clarity on.


Q. How soon will I be cleared of all the negativity?

This depends on you and whether or not you are willing to make the changes to live and express your soul at a divine level. The soul does not judge our choice to live what we see as either a negative or positive life. The soul just loves to experience, to be adventurous with our souls gifts, to experience both polarities of our choices. By being congruent to who you are at a soul level, this will guide you to abundance in the areas in which you choose. 


Q: I do not feel like I am doing anything, what can I do to accelerate the soul re-alignment process?

A: You will be emailed a tailored soul work sheet, this is a 21-day cleansing exercise for yourself. Instructions are included.  Although, this is optional, it is a vital step in integrating the new vibration and changes that you are now free to experience.

Q: How often should I do a Soul Realignment?

A: As we discussed earlier, only aspects of the highest priority are cleared at any given time. 

You will notice small annoyances or karmic patterns showing up in your life or have always been there but you are only now noticing them. It would be recommend to have another soul realignment or life situation reading with the alignment or clearing.  Approximately 2-3 months.