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Q. What is DNA activation
A. DNA activation is the process of activating the fire letters of your DNA template, so you can turn on more of your consciousness. The original human design started with a blueprint or DNA template that manifests the entire human form, physical, Soul level, Oversoul, and what is termed the Christos Avatar Self, your 12th dimensional self. You actually possess a 15th dimensional anatomy, that also includes your Reshi Self in dimensions 13-15.The way that you can access these higher dimensional levels of yourself is through DNA activation. Only a limited amount of spiritual evolution can happen without DNA activation. There are specific protocols and codes given to activate the DNA. 

Q. Isn't my DNA already activated?
A. Yes, it is to a small extent. The first three DNA strands are activated. These correspond to your first three energy centres or chakras. This is why humans are only known to use no more than 10% of our brains and are unable to experience a twin flame relationship, as the heart chakra is dormant, leaving you with he inability to love unconditionally. Some examples many people find themselves in are; often living in fear for their physical safety, uncertainty for the future, feeling unworthy, not deserving, feeling stuck, unloving, and not loved enough, separated from god source, and not listened too. Unable to create wealth, or lose it soon after it is received.

Q. How is my DNA activated?
A. I will invoke the Absolute Harmonic Universe sacred codes and the blessed beings. This dimension is also known as the Golden Liquid Realms. These codes, are created with hours of finely tuned payer and mantras, with mathematical precision. They are encoded with; mathematical codes, colour, sound, symbols and light by Ivonne Delaflor. The Codes are complete with shaktipat, they are living high frequency light particles, they are alive as much or more as you and I are.
It has been scientifically proven that DNA also responds to these energy frequencies. As our subconscious mind is the driver of our life. It controls 90% of our mind. Thereby, invoking and sending the specific Absolute Harmonic Universe code into your higher-self reactivating the forgotten information and dormant codes into your conscious mind. Allowing you to truly express yourself.

Q. How do the codes work?
The Codes create positive change, because they carry the highest energy vibrations possible into the subconscious mind, and infuse the major energy centres or chakras. This is a necessity to activate change and accrete more light. Just like cleaning an algae infested lake, it takes time and action to clean it so it is clear. Another analogy is when you update your computer software to remove and protect it from any viral infestations, we also are required to upgrade or software to the highest operating system available to us at this time.
The codes bring universal, multidimensional energetic patterns into our third dimensional reality. They are the most sacred, powerful geometry designed code currently on this planet, each code has been imbued with specific intent that was channeled form the beings from the golden liquid realms. They have a tremendous healing power with unlimited potential.

Q. How can DNA activations help me?
The primary intention is help you become lighter, increase your spiritual awareness of who you are and why you are here to embody your original soul blue print for perfect health, wealth and relationships and anything else that does not resonate with the higher frequencies. Updating your personal software.

A. What happens if I choose not upgrade my souls vibration?
You have every right to choose what is right for you at this time.
When you have energetic blockages in your auric field it can be very difficult to see the positive that is in front of you.
Over time your karmic imprints will manifest into the physical body and present its self as a physical disease. This is your bodies way of shouting at you to make changes. I have found that when the block or restriction is released the physical problem can not continue to manifest a physical problem, as it has nothing to anchor itself too. It will only re-establish if you haven't taken the desired steps on the physical dimension. Such as change in the food and lifestyle you are currently choosing to lead. By raising your frequency you will manifest, harmony, love, knowing and congruence in your life, and clear lack, limitation, poverty, unworthiness and so much more.

Q. Who owns the codes?
Brilliant Futures Institute is now the sole owner of the rights of The Codes of AH. Although, as a part of my training I have the training manuals and the book of The Codes of Ah, which i can tailor a specific clearing for a unsatisfactory life situation for you.

Q. Why have the codes been given to humanity?
A. “When Humanity has finally crossed the threshold of Ascension, in the year 2012, its consciousness will be ready to receive the new healing tools in the shapes of colour, sounds and numbers. Once they ascend their consciousness and cross the shift without fear, these tools will be active and ready to be used by the healers of Earth for the benefit of humanity and all sentient beings”.
~ St. Germaine
 Furthermore, If you are not ready to receive the codes, you will not understand how they can be of assistance and even feel anger towards them.