Since 2013 I have started working on my spiritual growth and had many DNA activations as the protocol suggests. I started with the auric attachment clearing, shadow self persona clearings and the death seal clearings. In 2016 had a soul ordination reading and a spirit guide profile reading which is absolutely incredible, all of which encompass’ my whole being. The past lives that I have led absolutely resonate with how I feel and act in my current life. I cannot believe how accurate this information is.I now know why I am on this earth, about past errors that should be rectified in this life which will enable me to move forward.Having had this information given to me in detail. I have now completely turned my way of thinking around and value myself as the person that I am. The information given to me really resonates with who I am. I can understand why I did certain things and the actions taken by myself over my adult lifetime that really didn't achieve a lot that i can feel proud about as my actions were out of fear and feelings of unworthiness. Because of my self worth issues I have not been able to maintain my wealth over the years as I did not feel worthy of having it. I now know that I deserve it as I have worked very hard to reach the level of income I now receive. I feel that I have self worth and value in who I am and what I do. I no longer procrastinate, the desire to eat junk foods has now gone, I am now at my ideal weight. I have been able to make decisive decisions in my life, I feel great having a clarity about direction with my new life choices.I have now learned to balance my chakras, meditate, begin to grow my wealth which is easier than I could imagine. Thank you Divine physics I am so grateful to have found you and your wisdom. Shirley.Vic.Australia.

At first I thought this was all hogwash but I am happy that I employed sue to do my auric clearing. I have had vast results including losing that inner insidious mind chatter, self doubt, and my thoughts are finally my own. And I have clarity for future employment. I have new found clarity and joy in my life. Its an awesome feeling to know the direction you are meant take. Since 2013, I have had my auric field cleared a few times as I do at times fall into a negative state as I'm learning to maintain my energy field and not be influenced by my family, friends work colleagues ect. I have also had amazing results with the death seal protocols and clearing work. My neck pain has dissipated, along with my hip and knee pain. I am so grateful. I highly recommend these services. Nicholas. NSW. Australia

When Sue started doing my distance auric clearings, I couldn’t stop laughing, I felt so light. I have since had new employment offers, my health is somehow coming into balance the surprising truth is in the pathology before and after test results. I will defiantly be coming back for more. Kimberly. Minnesota. USA

OMG! I am really glad I have no more demons in my room, thank you for getting rid of them by closing the portholes and raising my frequency. I can sleep without them touching and getting in my face. I no longer have nightmares and feeling scared to go to sleep. Sophie. Vancouver. Canada.

I was feeling down because I never got picked for junior school football and was always sitting on the bench dad paid for some auric clearings and the removal of the J-seals and some other stuff I'm not quite sure about but the following week I was off the bench and kicking goals, my school work has improved and im meeting much nicer kids to hang out with and have started dating. Jake. Indiana. USA.

I have recently had  soul origination profile completed by DivinePhysics. I am really pleased with what came back. I was taken back with some of the information that had been retrieved from he akashic records and I am still making the same old choices like i have been on the preverbal karmic loop. It has given me guidance to take in my current life that I can take new action and make improvements in my attitudes that are inline with who i am at a soul level. Benjamin. Melbourne. Australia.